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Made At ʼһ season 3

Made at ʼһ Podcasts

This podcast brings to life UCL’s impact on people, lives and communities mainly through our ground-breaking research and discoveries. 

REF 2021 REF Podcast Thumbnail with the UCL Portico in the background

Where research transforms lives

We’re tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges and this podcast series tells some of the most memorable stories from UCL Research

G1 - The Climate Podcast

Generation One: The Climate Podcast

Join us for our six-episode series, tackling the biggest challenges facing the climate crisis, together with expert guests and questions from the public.

Coronavirus podcast cover

Coronavirus: The Whole Story

This podcast highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on Covid-19 - focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt, and preparing for a post-coronavirus world.

UCL podcast Together Towards Net Zero

Together Towards Net Zero

In this podcast series from UCL and the Local Government Association (LGA), researchers and policy professionals share their reflections on working together on the Net Zero Innovation Programme

Black Lives at ʼһ teaser

Black Lives at ʼһ

Black Lives at ʼһ, is a new podcast series amplifying and sharing the voices of UCL's black staff and students.

UCL Future Cities - podcast cover

UCL Future Cities

Discover this new podcast which aims to critically explore the uncertainty and complexity arising from our collective urban futures.

Bartlett Building Better podcast cover

Building Better - The Bartlett Podcast

A podcast about the cities and human spaces that we build worldwide, asking the big question: how can we build better? Hosted by Christoph Lindner, Dean of UCL’s Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment.

Remarkable Stories podcast cover

Remarkable Stories Podcasts

This weekly series by UCL Student Support and Wellbeing celebrates the diversity and spirit of our UCL community in these extraordinary times.

Public Health podcast cover

Public Health Disrupted

This podcast is about public health, but more importantly, it’s about the systems that need disrupting to make public health better

Disruptive Voices Podcast thumbnail

Disruptive Voices from UCL Grand Challenges

Guests from across UCL and beyond share their innovative solutions and ideas for addressing societal challenges, encouraging us to think differently about issues of local, national and global concern.

UCL Provost podcast cover

Meet the Provost

Get to know our new President & Provost, Dr Michael Spence, in conversation with UCL alumna and broadcaster Vivienne Parry.

UCL Careers Podcast logo

UCL Careers Podcast

Insights from industry professionals, UCL alumni, and Careers Consultants to help you develop your understanding of what you need to succeed.

Talking Europe podcast logo

Talking Europe

The UCL European Institute's "Talking Europe" podcast showcases UCL's research on Europe and the EU in an informative, accessible and engaging manner.

Sarah Parker Remond Centre podcast banner

Sarah Parker Remond Centre Podcasts

Highlighting important research and conversations on racism and racialisation, with contributions from academics, activists and cultural practitioners

Institute of Advanced Studies Talk Pieces Podcast banner

IAS Talk Pieces

Inviting academics and commentators from the arts, humanities and social sciences to reflect upon life in the time of coronavirus

Research For Real World text on a blue background

Research for the Real World

Lively conversations about education and social science and its impact on policy, practice and our everyday lives.

Explore 50 years of British social and political history following the lives of 17,000 people born in a single week in Great Britain in 1970.

UCL podcast Talking To Titans

Talking to Titans

This series focuses on gender equality in academia, celebrating International Women's Week 2020.

    UCL podcast Living With Eugenics

    Living with Eugenics

    Listen to this new podcast about science and how we remember it at ʼһ. 

    Inclusive Innovators Podcast logo

    Inclusive Innovators series

    Listen to the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone (ELIEZ) community for entrepreneurs who are disabled or whose work focuses on accessibility

    Post-Soviet Press Podcast Logo

    Post-Soviet Press Pod

     "10 Minutes On...", we condense all you need to know about the 15 modern-day countries of the former Soviet Union, in a handy 10 minutes per episode.

    What does Eugrenics mean to us? podcast logo

    What does Eugenics mean to us?

    UCL researchers and beyond in conversations across the disciplinary divides - together, they discuss, examine, critique and explore eugenic thinking.

    Brain Stories thumbnail graphic with a picture of a brain

    Brain Stories

    Showcasing the best of ʼһeuroscience, highlighting the wide range of cutting-edge research going on within the Neuroscience Domain as well as bringing you the people behind the research

    Working Well With AI podcast teaser

    Working Well With AI

    In this podcast series, we discuss how AI is changing the world of work. As we emerge from a global pandemic we’re rethinking how we work, what sort of work we value, and what we need for the future.

    Academia Et Al podcast teaser

    Academia et al.

    Honest conversations about figuring out life in modern academia, sharing experience among early career colleagues and those who’ve been there, done that.

    CSSD podcast image

    Together We Create

    In this podcast series from UCL's Collaborative Social Science Domain, Early Career Researchers at ʼһ share their stories, reflections and top tips on collaborating with engineers, scientists, health practitioners, and designers.

    The Nahrein Network Podcast teaser

    Nahrein Network Podcast

    This podcast series highlights the Nahrein Network’s interdisciplinary research on sustainable development of Iraqi history and heritage.

    Listen experts from across UCL and beyond to explore the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – from climate to Covid.

    UCL Uncovering Politics - podcast teaser

    Uncovering Politics

    In this weekly podcast, academics explore key themes of contemporary politics and let you into some of their research findings that we think the wider world needs to know about.

    ECF Podcast Thumbnail - image of microphone

    ECF Staffroom

    Step into our staffroom! Here, teachers, mentors and participants at all levels of the UCL Early Career Teacher Development programme come together.

    From chronic diseases, the climate crisis, to social injustice, how are we tackling the biggest problems of the 21st century? As UCL Business (UCLB) celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023, this new monthly podcast series will explore how we have supported UCL academics to create impact and benefit humanity.

    The Trial Talk Podcast explores how our work at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at ʼһ is improving health in the UK and worldwide. In this new series, we will hear from world-leading experts about the studies we carry out.